Sublime teamwork made possible by IBM SoftLayer


I came across this video a little while ago. It’s a two man attack helicopter team working a map on Battlefield. One of the characteristics of great teamplay is precise collaboration and teamwork.

Here we see an amazing demonstration of teamwork and of IBM SoftLayer which supports it.

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BlueMix has integration with IBM DevOps services.

Takehiko Amano's Blog on Emerging Technologies.

If you are interested in emerging technology like PaaS (Platform as a Service), then you should take a look at BlueMix (code name) from IBM.  It is currently open beta. There is a good news for you. User registration is done in minutes !  Previously, it took about days.

The BlueMix is continuously evolving.  I got notice from developers that there is a feature to link to IBM DevOps services.

20140424 - add git integration

Simply, click “Add Git integration” button in your application page. This will create a private project in IBM DevOps Services.

There are a couple of cautions of using this integration (at the time of writing this blog entry).

  1. It will create a project, but the application codes are not cloned into the repository, unless the application is created from boiler plate.
  2. You have to put your code manually (or add remote repository using “git remote add”).
  3. You need manifest.yml file…

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Cooking with Bluemix

Dan Toczala's Blog

One topic that is causing quite a bit of talk and controversy is BlueMix.  I am surprised by the number of people who are well aware of BlueMix, yet have no idea about the power and strategic implications of BlueMix for the long term.  For many people, it was either second hand knowledge that they had heard from somebody, or just initial reactions to the slideware that they had seen.  Many people have only seen the (now infamous) Twilio BlueMix demo.

That demo is really good at showing one thing – how can I get changes and new functionality developed and deployed into the market quickly.  It shows the raw speed with which you can use DevOps services, and composable applications, to bring functionality quickly to your customers or stakeholders.  Unfortunately, it is a short demo, and so some of the more strategic implications of the platform have not been…

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Multiplayer gaming with IBM Softlayer – example of how precise and accurate the platform is


I saw this clip a little while ago. It’s of two team mates collaborating to win an objective, using the multiplayer platform that is based on IBM SoftLayer.

If you look beyond the graphics – what becomes apparent is the level of precision that the platform offers even while bringing together dozens of players and allowing them to collaborate to this level of accuracy and sophistication.

Even if you are not a gamer – i think you will appreciate the technical prowess that made this possible.


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