Adventures in BlueMix – The Quest Continues…

john mcnamara

While playing in BlueMix and looking for cool things to try, I came across this chap


Now, he has got some really cool starter BlueMix ‘chat’ apps that you can have a play with, modify and bend to your will. I recommend you have a play – here is the link:


What impressed me was that the process of picking up and playing was so simple. Effectively, playing breaks down into three easy steps


1  Grabbing some context information

Applications need to retrieve certain context information from environment variables. Two prominent examples are:

  • VCAP_APP_PORT (integer) to get the port where the application should listen
  • VCAP_SERVICES (JSON object string) to get access information for services used by the application such as a database service

Please find below a simple code snippet to be used for applications based on node.js:

// Get port var port = process.env.VCAP_APP_PORT…

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