BlueMix – new IBM PaaS offering based on Cloud Foundry

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This week IBM has made several key announcements at its Pulse Cloud Conference  (you can watch replays of sessions and announcements here). My absolute personal favorite of these new products and services is the new Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering called BlueMix, which is based on the open source Cloud Foundry and adds great number of pre-packaged services and capabilities on top of the Cloud Foundry itself. These add-on capabilities include Messaging Service (WebSphere MQ based), SQL Service (DB2 based), Cache Service (WXS based), Big Data service, Analytics Service, Mobile Service, Connector Services, Data Transformation Services, Non-Relational DB service, and a couple of dozen other services. In addition to providing IBM supported services, there are community services (Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, JSON DB, RabbitMQ, and many other services from several different contributors.

BlueMix is not limited to Java only (WebSphere Liberty based), it also supports Node.js, Ruby on…

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