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Since IBM acquired SoftLayer last summer, I?ve been asked many questions about its cloud infrastructure. Most of these questions refer to what they have and how they achieved this massive growth. SoftLayer has more than 100,000 servers used by more than 21,000 customers and over 22,000,000 domains. This chart from Hostcabi.net illustrates the top 15 most popular hosting companies. We can observe from this chart that SoftLayer is one of the top five host providers? Continue reading

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SMB Spotlight: IBM’s New Midmarket GM Talks About the SoftLayer Acquisition

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ibmsmarterplante-150x150Laurie: Hi, this Laurie McCabe from the SMB Group, and in today’s SMB Spotlight I’m speaking with John Mason, who is IBM’s new General Manager and VP for Midmarket. Hi John. Thanks for joining me on this two-part discussion about developments at IBM in the midmarket and SMB space. In our first discussion, I’d like to focus on the IBM acquisition of SoftLayer, which I understand provides dedicated hosting, cloud computing and cloud services offerings.

Before that though, I’d like to learn more about you and your background. I understand you’re relatively new to IBM. Can you tell us a little bit about where you’ve been and what kind of experience you bring to your role?

John: Thanks Laurie. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. I joined IBM three months ago. I started my career at Compaq in the 80s. I spent thirteen years there and moved to…

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Will bare-metal cloud, IBM backing push SoftLayer to next level?

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Bare-metal clouds may mean big business for IaaS provider SoftLayer Technologies. And the recent acquisition of SoftLayer by IBM may further expand its customer base, says Nathan Day. (Will bare-metal cloud, IBM backing push SoftLayer to next level?

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