BlueMix ElasticMQ Workshop


Use the ElasticMQ cloud service to create a scale-able and highly responsive application.
We are going to deploy an app which receives twitter messages and processes them in the
same thread to do a sentiment analysis on products. (instead of products we are using country
names here to get more messages). You will notice that the processing gets stalled intermittently.
Use the ElasticMQ service to off load the processing to the “worker” app. You will notice
that there is no stalling anymore. If the number of twitter messages are overwhelming, you can
create multiple instances of the “worker” app.

To introduce Elastic MQ and demonstrate how they can be incorporated into your projects we will use a node.js application which processes a stream of data from Twitter. In our sample scenario, the messages arriving from Twitter are used in place of messages being submitted by web users.
In the…

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