Introducing the IBM BlueMix Garage

IBM Jobs Blog

IBM is teaming up with Galvanize, a hub for startups in Denver and San Francisco, to launch the first BlueMix Garage. The BlueMix Garage is a physical space where current and potential client developers can collaborate with IBM experts to rapidly create, launch and host innovative new cloud applications for BlueMix, IBM’s open platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

BlueMix Garages will help transform application development with modern cloud technologies and highly disciplined agile processes that enable developers to use the cloud to quickly develop and release products on BlueMix to receive feedback, iterate and deliver well-designed, enterprise quality software. Designed as a collaborative space for developers from companies of all sizes, the first BlueMix Garage will locate at Galvanize. It attracts a strong network of entrepreneurs, developers, students, mentors, angel investors and venture capitalists in a physical space to learn, collaborate and create the next generation of high-tech and digital businesses.

Interested in visiting or being part of the…

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