Two awesome technologies meet – Node-RED and MQ Light – Free to Play!

john mcnamara

OK, this is pretty epic.

Two spanky new technologies have collided to provide a cornucopia of possibilities for the hack minded. One half of the collision of awesomeness is the vaunted Node-RED – which is simply the most easy to get to grips with tool for wiring up the internet of things ever invented. The other is the brand new, just G.A’d MQ Light – which allows developers to add powerful but incredibly simple messaging functionality to their apps.

Now, there are MQ Light nodes in Node-RED allowing you to wire up your apps to the Internet of Things with ease…

Matt Whitehead from the team that built MQ Light had this to say…

If you are using Node-RED in Bluemix you can now connect your flow to MQ Light using the new input and output nodes.

mqlight input node MQ Light nodes are now available in Node RED                          …

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